And… we’re back!

There used to sit a blog at this address.. and for some time there hasn’t been anything here.
I’ve lost all the server data, so this is a fresh restart.

There used to be a few interesting posts about technology, and few others about miscellaneous stuff (me? – don’t we love to use me me me all the time? Well, I do!)
Hopefully, and with time, there will be some interesting stuff again…

And this is actually a restart moment across my personal life, which I mean to symbolize with a frog.
A frog is not perfect. It is small, green, viscous and it will never turn to a prince no matter how many times you kiss one.
They do however, have a great eyesight, an amazing sense of hearing and can jump 20 times their body length.

Having said that, I am at the moment comparing myself to a frog. One has many flaws, but also great qualities (like everyone else?) but, does need to be seen by what it is and by what it can become. Does one need to leap 20 times its body length to restart? Or perhaps a simple step will suffice?

So a restart it is! Lets let it happen, and see how long I jump!



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